Ross Returns for Road to Indy

Mazda Road to Indy Shootout

Following another outstanding season in the Scottish Championship Ross again was awarded the Road to Indy Ticket. 

About the Mazda Road to Indy

The SMRC Scottish formula Ford 1600 Championship is fortunate enough to have the support of the Mazda ‘Road to Indy’ shootout. The winner of the shootout receives an entry ticket to race a fully funded season in the USF 2000 Championship.

I am again blessed to be the winner of this ticket,

Ross explained

and I cannot wait to get training and represent the SMRC in the states. I feel that with the experience last year I am much more prepared for what is in store and head to Arizona feeling confident. 

The Road to Indy in Ross’ words

I felt calm as the event started early Saturday morning, this because I had been through the process before. All three of my sessions went well and I didn’t make any mistakes. I wouldn’t say I was the fastest throughout the day but probably one of the most consistant.
Sunday morning came and my first session was excellent, I could not be any happier with my performance. I felt the quickest I had been all weekend and I had a good feeling going into the shootout elimination.
Standing on that grid a feeling of nervous excitement washed over me – I felt like I had done enough to make it into the final 6 shootout – and I had!
The qualifying session lasted 15 minutes and I had put in some really good laps, I came in to the pits to find out I was now going to be starting P3 for the 30 min mock-race.
The flag dropped and each car was given a 10 second interval – so I roughly started 20 seconds behind the leader. I was happy with the job I had done to get the car quickly up to the pace from starting with cold tyres. I could see the gap to the cars ahead getting smaller and with 10 minutes to go I got by both cars to take the lead. As much as winning the race doesn’t make you win the shootout, I gave it my all and had nothing left. I got out the car with blood and blisters. That’s how much I wanted it!
Unfortunately it just wasn’t for me and I didn’t become the shout-out winner.
Now I’m looking ahead to 2019 making plans with potential new sponsors.